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Intimate Monologues #04 - Your perfect dating profile

Find a partner
Find a partner

Useful Tips - Create your perfect dating profile

Creating your perfect dating profile may sound impossible. Maybe some of us feel afraid or far away from perfection. That's understandable when we've been hurt before and have lost trust in ourselves. Maybe we made the wrong choice? Maybe we lost ourselves and our confidence? The reality is: we all, without exception, have made mistakes in life. We all have little quirks about us, and if we want to find a truly compatible partner, it makes sense to show a little of that in our profile. In fact, the relaxed, no makeup version of yourself is what your potential partner also wants to get to know.

If your profile hasn't been successful in the past, it just means that you need more time and more focus on the REAL YOU. The good news is: Profiles can change! We can learn and grow whenever we want and put our mind to it! - With every new possibility or inspiration that we get, we have the chance to try something different and work towards our best possible self - This is the spirit and power of true hope... self-love.

"Take a look at yourself and make a change" - Michael Jackson

I certainly did! I went through at least 5 different versions of "my profile"! Bumble, Plenty of Fish, Elite Singles, Single with Kids, Tinder; you name it, I was on it! Mostly with different "versions" of myself on each. I personally had most success and positive experience on Facebook Dating. But depending on where you are and who's registered in your location, you may have more success on another platform. Try to be patient and let the power of your profile do the work for you.

The problem was that my first profiles were oriented outwards and towards others' expectations! Instead of authentically and lovingly sharing my true self, I was sharing what I thought they wanted.

"Your perfect profile for love is a canvas of honesty, sprinkled with your dreams, passions, and quirks. It's the masterpiece that invites the right heart to appreciate and join in the beautiful journey of life together."

Dancing feels good

It wasn't until I really focused on me and what's good for me that my profile "improved". When we do what we love and enjoy, we light up inside, and that light affects... attracts those arounds us, who are right for us! For example, I included photos of me doing what I love: Dancing, Skiing with girlfriends, and Wearing a pretty dress, that I FEEL GOOD IN.


Why not write your answers down for yourself on a piece of paper?

I love walking barefoot along the water with my man


When we share our hopes and wishes for the medium and long term, we open up space for a partner to help make that happen. However it's important to It's also a way to make sure that you get more genuine


Adventure and sport...?

Managing your own business...?

Having children...?

The quiet life...?


Keeping the home...?

No matter what your hopes and wishes are, make sure that they are truly YOURS. Not what you think that others will find attractive. What I learned was that I had changed - I WAS adventurous and curious... But then my authentic focus realigned towards children and the home

"Money can't buy me love" - The Beatles


In my experience, the beatles are right! It's the simple, free things in life that make me feel special and cared about. AND when your partner knows what you love and does it for you, it helps him to connect and fall in love with you every day. A man that loves you wants to see you happy, so when he has small, simple things he can do because he knows you love it, then he'll want to do them for you and get the kick of feeling that he is responsible for a special part of your happiness that's reserved for him:

Good morning and good night kisses...?


Holding hands when walking together...?

Making dinner and dancing together in the kitchen...?

When you include this in your profile, it helps him to know if he can make you happy.

Coming Up in my Next Blog: Intimate Monologues #04 - Let's talk about sex!



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