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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

My Vision

... is a world where women speak their own minds, hearts and sexual needs with authenticity and love; and then navigate their relationships with confidence through thick and thin. Because when we have what we need to thrive, we can give 10-fold in return.

We, our partners and children are worth it.

My Inspiration

It’s all about NEEDS and the reason for communicating – At work and school we often need to show competence and solve problems, and although we can do this well and feel successful in the process, the same communication patterns at home tend to disconnect us from our romantic partner and leave us feeling stressed and unloved.

Language and meta communication are unbelievably powerful. The words we say and the intent behind them ripple out into our direct social circle and then indirectly affect others that we don’t even know. Our words and intentions have the power to bring us connection… or disconnection.

Some may believe that forces outside our control are what affect us and our destiny, but in my experience, language is a tool that we can use to bring about action or change, shape our belief systems, our emotional state and the quality of our personal relationships. We can take the driver’s seat when it comes to language and the words we choose to say. Natural leaders do this unconsciously, and the good news for all unnatural leaders is that we can do it consciously.

What inspired me to write this book is the single statement:

“I don’t need a man – They’re just not worth it!”

And my experience to the contrary.

Of course, I will admit that on some levels, I really don’t need men. In fact, men are truly glad that we don’t need them at certain times of the month or in some contexts where we just want to be alone, or with female friends, or more invested in work projects. And that’s OK… it’s even ideal.

The reality at work and in the home is that we DO need to connect with the men in our lives. But sometimes we end up butting heads, misunderstanding each other, and disconnecting at varying levels.

Join me on the journey to authentic, mindful and loving communication!

See how the power of your voice and words can bring about truly magnificent change.


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