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Intimate Monolgues #02 - Why can't I find a partner?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Find a partner
Find a partner

Useful Tips to Find a Partner - Before you start or while searching...

To fruly find a partner that is compatible with ME, I learned these basic tips to help increase MY PERSONAL well-being and character independently from any romantic or working relationships with men. Ultimately our core well-being lies within ourselves, and so does the power to put ourselves in a place with people who compliment and connect well with us. It may be a risk to go out in to the unknown and experience new things, but for me it was a greater risk not to make a change.

"Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together." - Barbara Cage

Be Truly Well in Yourself

I followed the principles of the pyramid of basic human needs. It’s possible to write a library of books on each of these topics, but I’ll just give a brief overview here for orientation for you on your own path to personal well-being. The more we take care of these parts of our lives, the more relaxed and fulfilled we feel. Depending on your personality type, your self-care routine could be more or less intense each day or week.

· Diet that suits and nourishes your body

· A home that’s beautiful to you and nourishes your soul

· Good friends and family who are there for you

· Hobbies for enjoyment and fun

· Meaningful employment that reflects your natural purpose and talents

· Financial stability

· Spiritual growth and connection with nature

It surprised me how this sense of well-being seemed to snow-ball – The more time I put in to making sure my basic needs were met, the more support I got in getting further needs met.

JUST DO IT and see for yourself.

It takes time, but fortunately there is a shortcut...

If you want to focus on building up your sense of well-being first, so that you can then say the words truthfully, that is of course an option.

For me that felt like it would take too long. I needed a change, and I needed it fast. I worked on my well-being before and while using these communication tools in my everyday life, including online courses in feminine and marketing communication. But what I didn’t have was the sentences and words to say that expressed the emotional state that I wanted to cultivate within myself or my relationships.

Yes, it’s possible that it may sound forced and insincere at the beginning. When we are used to speaking words and sentences that focus on disappointment, annoyance, or judgement, saying words that communicate gratitude and admiration can seem like a foreign language – Totally foreign! But the words that we say are truly powerful and the way we speak can not only shape our essential being but also bring about connections and situations in life that give us authentic joy and gratitude. The power of our will, consistency and persistence are key – We just have to want it enough to keep going, no matter what.

Other aspects of communication that affect what we say are body language and tone of voice. The thing that truly makes your body language and tone stronger is your true attitude and beliefs. But what I also found out is that consciously changing your words, posture or tone can also affect your attitude and state of mind.

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