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Intimate Monolgues #01 - Let them begin

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As a young woman I was focused on teaching language at a functional level to help people achieve academic goals. Later, from my late 20s onward, I focused on technical and business communication to help create processes, guidelines and work instructions that help teams to be effective and efficient – My purpose was to enable people to get the job done easier and be home for their families sooner.

Work has always been enjoyable and fulfilling for me at an intellectual level and I’ve always been very present in my mind when communicating. I found it normal to work and speak in a male-dominated business environment. I was a living example of a strong, independent woman who could do it all and do it just as well, and sometimes better! – A loving Mum, perfect wife and successful professional. But to be honest it was a sad and tragic state – I was quickly burnt out, with too little capacity to be any of those things to my best ability.

My girls were the ones that snapped me out of my hamster wheel. What was fundamentally missing for me were the language skills I needed to connect authentically with myself and my deepest, innermost *feminine * needs – My responsibility to my children and the deep burning need for a caring, supportive partner – My long overdue need to be able to say, “No”, and more importantly to say what I authentically need to say to get my different needs met in different contexts.

Now I’ve had the time to reflect and consider what gives me true fulfillment, and not just intellectual or vocational satisfaction and recognition. I’ve developed my internal dialogue to tap into my own authentic needs, and documented the concrete language tools I use to express them in a way that men can hear and respond to. My hope is that they help you to express your own complex emotions and needs authentically and that you receive everything you need to be truly fulfilled and complete.

This blog and its tools are the result of my life’s experience combined with the profound emotional and spiritual development I experienced over the last ten years. This is a gift to my 2 girls and those who may wish to learn from my mistakes.

Knowledge may be power, but shared experience and wisdom are the steps to ultimate greatness.

Until next time...With love & hugs…


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