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An Example Defence for Divorce in Switzerland - Template

Having to defend yourself is never easy. You're probably busy looking after kids, working and trying to keep yourself together as best you can. On top of that the expense of it all mounts up and adds even more stress - Lawyers cost anywhere from 150 to 300 CHF or more per hour and things take forever to get done. At the end of it, you're lucky if the whole case costs less than 30,000 CHF. But even then, chronic conflict can keep returning even when you think things have settled down.

I've been through it and for me it was hard to find help that was reliable and a lawyer that was actually interested in finding a resolution, not just creating a long-term source of income for themselves.

That's why I've created this resource - an example defence for divorce in Switzerland.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or legal professional. I'm a writer and language educator that has been through chronic legal conflict. So my vision is a world where women can speak authentically to get their needs met, avoid chronic conflict and be their best, most relaxed selves through effective, honest, communication.

This is a template to help prepare you for what you need to say, and to show you that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. When you know what is expected of you from the courts, then you can focus on providing that and communicating your perspective in the way that the courts can understand you.

Here is the link from the kantonal court website: Formulare - Kanton Luzern

Feel free to post questions in the comments.

If you need support in filling out the content, I've published a full-text example, too. I'd be happy to take you through it to get your unique perspective out and documented. Contact me on to set up a free call to see if my extra example text can support you.

Meanwhile, here is the template that shows what type of content you need in your defence submission.

You can use to translate what each of the sections mean.

Template Info Architecture_Stellungnahme_Klage betreffend Änderung Scheidungsurteil_Fallnu
Download • 139KB


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