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English & German
in Luzern

Englisch CEFR A1-C2 Englisch in Luzern Switzerland

Articulateit English and German in Luzern


As an independent communication specialist, I'm your passport to fluency in English and German across the entire CEFR proficiency spectrum, from A1 to C2. I provide personalized career focused language coaching that not only equips you with essential skills but also gives you focus and passion for language. Let's embark on a journey of linguistic mastery and see the world of opportunity that it brings!"

Articulateit English and German in Luzern


"I really appreciated learning German in my own working context - Mental health. It helped me to remember grammar more easily and I'm so glad to be able to speak German more confidently when dealing with schools, city offices and other mental health professionals in central Switzerland." Brandi, Meggen LU

"Our weekly group of working professionals was so much fun! As a group of 5 striving for CEFR B1 in German, we studied the skills, grammar and vocabulary we needed to succeed in our proficiency tests, AND we all got the chance to SPEAK about a topic of interest to us each week. We all listened and asked questions in real time, too, which helped us participate more actively. At the end of our year together even the most quiet and shy members were speaking freely, and even arguing!" Martin, Luzern LU

"I needed to practice and improve my English for work in a multinational team working in design and marketing. The workshops with ArticulateIt were perfectly designed to suit my professional needs, and I got to SPEAK and become confident using the grammar I had learnt at school in a professional, native English environment." Melanie, Tribschen LU

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Who is Articulateit?

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"Unlock the door to bilingual excellence with me as your independent English and German language teacher. I specialize in translation projects & tailored language learning to achieve your unique goals. I work with English and German at ALL CEFR levels A1 to C2, to make bilingual fluency an achievable adventure. Join me today and start your journey into the world of opportunity that awaits with a new language!

"Learning a foreign language is not just acquiring new words, but opening up a world of new perspectives, cultures, and opportunities."


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